Sanrio Character Park Harmonyland

Kitty Castle:This is the lovely house in which "Hello Kitty" lives. If you go into inside, you can surely meet "Hello Kitty".And you can take a photograph with Kitty. Every time the seasons change, "Hello Kitty" changes clothes as the seasons change. It is one of the most popular attractions in Harmonyland.

Rhythmic Coaster:This is the roller coaster in the form of roller skating. It is full of thrills.Children age 4 and under, and expectant women can not use this attraction.

Harmony Train:A train going around Harmonyland.The upper area is 60 meters higher than the lower area.The stations are Harmony park Station and Carnival Square Station.Capacity :About 50`60 people on one train. About 10 minute ride.



Sanrio Characters Boat ride:You ride on an lovely boat. And you can go around Characters' world like a dream.


Large Ferris Wheel "WONDER PANORAMA":The cages are in the form of the faces of popular characters.You can see the Beppu Bay from a height of 60 meters above the ground.

Lovely Angel Coaster of Hello Kitty:3-year olds and over can ride on this coaster.

Sky Jet:You operate a jet by yourself. And you can go around White Bird Square.

Sky Fun:You ride on the elephant's back and go on a pleasant sky trip !

Strawberry Cafe:Let's ride in lovely characters' coffee cups.

Fairy Kitty Carousel:The very lovely 2- storied- Carousel of Fairy Kitty.

Popfn Smile:Let's ride on a lovely gondola and enjoy a party feeling ! and this attraction is the optimal place for taking a photograph.

Game Plaza:Enjoy various games! You get points and can get character goods in exchange.